A Litter of A Kitty

    Hello everyone, I am CoCo and I am a little clean kitty. I have used manydifferent brands of cat litter, but these cat litters are not soft enough andhave a lot of dust which makes my nose discomfort and makes me always sneeze, thatalso makes my owner very distressed. So, my owner wants to find a right catlitter for me. After comparing many kinds of different cat litter, she finally findsa best brand - Smartlooking. Its cat litter has no dust and pungent smell, afterusing it’s cat litter, I fell in love with it because which makes my nose feelcomfortable. Moreover, its cat litter is very soft and feels soft when steppedon. Since then, I have become a loyal fan of Smartlooking’s cat litter. Myowner also said that after using Smartlooking's cat litter, the air in the roomhas become fresh. It's really a very good cat litter! We all love it!

Company Profile

    RHD Trading Company founded in 2015,having its own bentonite mining and production base and with total area of 2000 square meters. We are constantly striving to develop omproved products and concentrates on Quality Control and are qualified as one of the largest and most professional cat litter manufactuerers in China.

   We have five cat litter produces lines and the total annual output is 20,000 ton. There are four series and over 5 varieties including traditional bentonite cat litter series,Tofu cat litter and mixes cat litter.

   Our products have been enjoying a goodreputation and hold a large market share with continuous growth in the regionsof Japan, USA,Canade, Austialia,Malaysia,Indonesia,Thailand.