RHD Pet is founded in 2005, located in Jinzhou City which is a richof its bentonite

natural resources. Our factory have own bentonite mining andproduction base and with total area of 2000 square meters. We are constantlystriving to develop improved products and concentrates on Quality Control andare qualified as one of the largest and most professional cat littermanufacturers in China.

   We have five cat litter production lines and the totalannual output is about 20,000mt. There are four series and over 5 varieties including traditional Bentonite   Cat Litter Series, Crushed Bentonite Cat LitterSeries, Tofu Cat Litter Series and Mixed Cat Litter Series. Our products havebeen enjoying good reputation and hold a large market share with continuousgrowth in the regions of Japan, USA, Canada, Malaysia, Thailand etc....

   Sincerely welcome you visiting our factory and make theright choice for your lovely pets.