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Triadic Function Pet Feeder

Type Cat Feeder Bowl
Size 29*20*19.5cm
Material PET
Brand Smart Looking
Color Yellow/White/Pink/Grey

Triadic Function Pet Feeder

Material: PET

Color: Yellow/White/Pink/Grey

Style: Crystal/White

Size: 29*20*19.5cm

The Bore of Bowl: 12cm

The Capacity of Kettle: 500ml


1. One feeder with triadicfunction that can meet the daily needs of pets for drinking water, feeding, andslow feeding

2. 15 ° slightly tilted design canreduce pet neck bending pressure and protects pet neck safety

3. A large capacity refillingwater bottle that can meet the cats drinking for 4-6 days

4. Separable design for easy cleaningand reduced bacterial growth