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Type Cat Litter
Size 5L/10L
Material 100% Natural Bentonite
Brand Smart Looking
Color Grey

Bentonite Cat Litter

1. Eco-friendly and Save to use     

100% natural bentonite occurringmaterial with toxic free and has no harm for the cat’s health andNon-toxic

2. 99% Dust Free

Special granule treatment, reduce to a minimum possiblepresence in a final product, Low impact on respiratory system

3. Quick Clumping

This kind of cat litter has the ability to form regularround clumps by absorbing liquid and keeping it inside,Easy to scoop out and Clumping don’t fall apart,Do not stick to the bottom of tray

4. Odor lock

Bentonite material can not only absorb liquid, but alsolock the smell inside and and the addition of aromatics can keep the air moreclean.