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Crushed Bentonite Cat Litter

Type Cat Litter
Size 5L/10L
Material 100% Natural Bentonite
Brand Smart Looking
Color Dark Grey

Crushed Bentonite Cat litter

1. 100% Natural Mineral

Natural adsorption and deodorization ofminerals, Effective humidity control, No pigment, no essence added.

2. Dust Free& Fast Absorption

Naturally dust-free, protecting cats'urinary and respiratory systems, Even particle meat pads are not easy to takeout, providing a comfortable foot feel, and cats are not resistant. Stronger water absorption, saving usage

3. Special Treatment Process

Special treatment makes the mineral sandstructure more porous, increases the adsorption area, and has a stronger waterabsorption effect

4. Odor Lock & Eco-Friendly

Add the activated carbon and deodorizing particles with accurately proportioned, fully wrapped andagglomerated, lock in odors, and release fresh air