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Mixed Bentonite &Tofu Cat Litte

Type Cat Litter
Size 10L/5L
Material Tofu Cat Litter&Bentonite Litter
Brand Smart Looking
Color Grey

Mixed Cat Litter

1. This kind of cat litter is mixed withBentonite Cat litter, the proportion can be adjusted by customer requirement,normally the ratio is 70% Tofu cat litter with 30% bentonite cat litter.

2. This kind of mixed cat litter combines theadvantage of bentonite cat litter and tofu cat litter, making it moreeconomical and durable.

3. Benotonite sand fill the gaps in tofu sand, providing abetter foot feel. The mixed cat litter has stronger clumping properties, it iseasy to use, non-toxic, dust free, and is not afraid of being ingested by cats.it can be directly flushed into the toilet after using. Mixed cat litter alsohas a stronger ability to lock the odors.